opinions on that magic grey wire

hey guys :cry:

i wanna know what everyone thinks about their grey wire experiences. some ppl say huge, others say none, let us know your setups :cry:


couldnt really tell a difference on my 03. Thing has more power than I need most of the time anyway.

This should be interesting. :cry:

i recon it made mine rev better more like my friends yz

No change I can tell


just FYI

we studied the effects of the grey wire mod on the 250F:


summary: on the 250F, it does indeed change the ignition mapping.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

euro models come with grey disconnected

it must be some restriction (environment, power)

Grey wire mod really works. Just do it. :cry:

I noticed that the motor revved up quicker from the mid to top and possibly gained a few hundred rpm before the rev limiter kicks in, which I try to avoid. I also heard the gray wire on US model WRs when disconnected gives an additional 5 deg of spark advance. A stock WR is only capeable of 50% throttle opening (the stop that is cut or a YZ throttle stop installed) wont need any more advance if the TPS value is maxed at 50% in stock corked exhaust trim. Then theres the exhaust cam timing WR OR YZ

Did the grey and blue wire at the same time. Seems to get close to the limit much quicker now. Mostly from mid range rpm.

Blue wire?

Blue wire?

Ditto :cry::cry:

Why can't a guy just clip the grey wire, try it out and see if there really is a diffrence? If he doesn't like it, just hook it back up? :cry:

blue wire?

Sky blue wire needs to also be pulled to improve spark voltage during start up.

This is independant of the gery wire mod. :cry:

Revs quicker in the mid range!!!

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