How to make Marcus go away

OK, right click on his username, scroll down to "ignore" and (((pooooof))) he is all gone! Working for me! :cry:

I didi not know that ignore feature was so powerful! :cry:

Wow :cry: I just noticed how much marcus is back and how he is being a nuisance! :cry: I wonder who woke him up from his 3 months slumber from this forum? :cry:

put a banana in a 1/2 gallon jar ,that'll keep'em busy for awhile :cry:

&%$#@! is a marcus..........? :cry:

Marcus is TT member Marcusmoberg! Resident genius! Long lost relative of Einstein. :cry:

So your saying he/its about as welcome here as a 10" black rubber cock at a Stag party then?

I shoudl not laugh at that, but Marcus is basically the box the cock came in, so to speak.

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