Considering WR 450, need input.

As of today I am officially in the market for a new bike. I sold both my modded XR 650 R and CRF 250 R. I am going to try to consolidate into one bike and have narrowed it down to either a KTM 450/525 or Yamaha WR 450. I will use the bike primarily for quick paced trail rides on more open trails, and training for desert races (in which I'll be riding a co-owned XR 650 R). I like a bike that has plenty of reliable snappy boost, great suspension, long legs and handles well (hey this is starting to sound like a personal ad...).

-Beyond the free mods, what do you experienced guys recommend? What's your dream bike setup?

-Who does the best suspension work for the dez?

-Who is running a 20" front wheel (besides Ty Davis)? What tires are available?

-What do you think of the various over-bore kits? How big is too big?

-Finally, what sort of top speeds have you GPS verified, what mods did you have and what gearing were you using?

Since I am going from 2 to one bike, my budget is pretty good, so fire away!

Thanks for your input.



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