flywheel weights

I'm seriously thinking of adding a Steahly flywheel weight to my 99 wr 400. He has 2 choices, 10 oz. or 12.oz. any thoughts on which would be better for casual trail riding and some dual sport trips?

thanx in advance.


Jim I run the 12oz and love it, I have had it on my bike for almost year and half no trouble I also ride daul sport and trail ride slow fast up down all around try it you will like it.Don't forget to put lock tight on the crank nut when you reinstall it.


I put on the 10oz because I was chicken (didn't want to mellow the bike out TOO much!). It did great things for the bike, so I'm guessing the 12 is even better.

Jim, I had the 12oz on the ole blue bommer, the thing will be an instant tractor. It really works but be aware that you might not be able to pull a holeshot anymore. If you ride trails this would be a great mod.

Just my thoughts....

I'm running a 10oz'er on my ride. Love it for the nasty trails but it does take away some snap.

Go for it!

I have a 7 oz. weight on my 99. That was the biggest weight at the time I bought it. That made a big difference. If I was to get another one, I would go with the 12 oz. one for tight riding.

I just lowered my fork tubes about 1/2 inch. I hope this helps a little more in the tight stuff. I also went to a 13 tooth primary, and was told to pull a link out of the chain to shorten the wheel base.

I'm running the stock WR timing. I still want more low end. I can get it if I install a 12 oz weight, at the expense of some top end power. Can I get the top end back by switching to YZ timing, without cancelling out what I just did with the flywheel weight?

Curious, you guys are talking about the WR, right? I just don't see a need for extra weights on the WR. Sure, the YZ needs one for trail work, but the WR?

Just curious, I never thought the WR needed any more flywheel effect.

MCARP, yep I'm talking about my WR -- it did seem like overkill. In the end I think it comes down to the type of terrain you ride & how you ride it.

I personally like to ride lower RPM's than many (there's only so much traction), & in the tight stuff was frustrated by the 'flame-outs' -- they come rather unexpectedly compared to a 2-smoke :).

The 10oz weight has cut-down the stalls by a significant margin, and was easier than trying to change my bad habits :D.


The flywheel weight does not increase/decrease power. What it does is give the engine more crankshaft inertia ONCE you get it spinning. Hence the slower revving. The bike is more resistant to stalling.

What size fly wheel weight comes on the WR?

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