04 plastic the same as 05?

Does the 05 plastic fit the 04? :cry: They look about the same. Im wondering mostly about the fork guards, just because i dont like the 04 ones. Thanks

I think everything is the same except the forkguards. They switched to the Honda style brake routing and guards for 05.

05 fork guards definitely do not fit the 04. make you own honda routing guard, it is pretty easy with a rivet tool and a small alum bracket. cut off the plastic protrusions at the top and rivet your bracket over the holes. use the spare clamp from the base of the fork to hold your honda routing line at the top of the guard. I am sure someone has pics somewhere on this web page. it is a $5 dollar job at most. mine has worked great for many years.

Does running a CR line make that big of a difference? I think the front brakes work pretty darn good on my '04 450 stock.

I have ran the CR routed line for over 2 years on my 426. When I ride a 426 or 450 without it they seem a little softer.

The 05 that I rode however had excellent brakes. :cry:

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