Looking to trade my 19" rear for 18"

Hey WR owners out there. Anyone want to swap your 18" rear wheel for my 19"? It's a stock Excel rim that's on my 2000 YZ 426. I do not ride track and want the stiffer side wall of the 18. Send me a PM if interested. I am located in Orange County, California. We can work out shipping, sprockets, discs etc... Thanks. Charlie

I would love to swap w/ you... i want the 19" for the 10blade paddle option... im kinda tired of running 8... drop me a e-mail

I can feel the WZ getting closer and CLOSER to completion... :cry:


Unable to contact previous poster due to undeliverable email addy so my wheel is still up for swap if anyone is interested.

Klokard, send him a "PM"


I did send a PM and no response. Thanks.

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