searching for quiet pipe-WR450

Does anybody know what pipe will pass the California db testing on WR450? I recently purchased the white bros E2 pipe and it still comes in at 99-100db, although they claim it will pass at 96 db. :cry:

I have a FMF Q on my 03 and it has passed on several different occasions at below 96, but just below.

I think the FMF Q is the best quiet pipe made on the market based on TT members that all love their pipes. :cry:

Use the GYTR insert. Very quiet and much more power than stock. Got one on my 426 and it works great!

another vote for the insert

CRD do nice quiet light alloy ones.

Go with the insert. Cheap and functional. :cry:

Actually the Pro Moto Billet insert is good too...

Make sure you got one with the updated spark arrestor insert. I bought one of the originals and it tested 98-100db. They acknowledged that there was a problem with it and changed the insert, retested it and it passed at 96. I have had my tested since and it passed with the new insert and 96 .

Good luck, :cry:


I also have the E2 and was givein both the inserts when I bought it. Make sure you have both. Lovin the E2 makes a world of differance.


I have a quiet products insert. It flows really good and passes 96db.

After hearing other bikes, I've decided I'm going with the FMF Q series. Makes some noise, but within limits and makes for good HP.

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