paddle tire fit problem

I have a 14 front and 49 rear sprocket setup .Bought an 8 paddle and just tried to install it, it rubs :cry: Can i remedy this w/ a 13 tooth counter :cry: I am leaving Friday night for Glamis. I do have a 48 rear available as well will this work both or just one of them?Don't really want to buy a chain.Ride on..... :cry:

Going to a 13T front should move the rear wheel back "one link". If that is all the room that you need to have clearance, then you should be fine.


I would caution against reducing countershaft ring size. This will stress the chain much more in that it is a sharper pivot. Check the 48tooth out first and don't compromise chain slack...a loose chain is a happy chain.

also keep in mind what this is going to do to your gear ratios... (one tooth in front is = to three in the rear) can't you just add a link or two to your chain? I would get a couple of links and take all of your sprockets with you as you might have to play around with your gearing a little bit for maximum performance... you might try asking these guys what gears to run in the first place as that is probably one of the most important factors, next to number of blades on tire, when riding in the sand my $0.02 anyways hope it helps.. :cry:

13/48 should be perfect for the dunes, that is what I run.


I also use an 8-paddle. I believe it is easier on the engine than a 10 or 12. I've seen no noticable difference in performance.


Don't forget to remove your rear shock mud flap or the paddle will remove it for you. I have 2, one full length one for my knobbie and one cut in half for my paddle tire.

I am also interested to know how the 13 tooth works in the sand compared to the 14 tooth.

13-48 is equal to 14-51... zx7rye is right about the chain stress factor on a smaller counter sprocket. if 13-48 is the best combo (not exactly sure, I would think probably lower, but not famlilar with the brp's in sand) , then I would go with the 14-51... unless maybe just to get through the weekend ... if you do end up going lower than I would not recommend more than 52 or 53 in back as then you will have a giant rear sprocket proned to take a hit....

he doesn't have a 51 rear sprocket and it's already hitting the swingarm and he doesn't want to buy a new chain :cry:

undefined :cry: problem solved threw the 48 on the rear and a 13 tooth counter, we'll see how it does. :cry:

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