help anyone??

bike will not start after being washed?

Check for water in/on the contacts of the various connectors in the electrical system, and possibly around the spark plug. Be sure the spark plug well drain hole (the little hole on the right side of the head) is open. If none of that helps, you might try draining the float bowl once and trying again. Of course, you could simply have fouled a plug.

What year and model do you have?

This seems to be a real common theme lately. I don't yet know how to link in another topic, but look for my post - Hard Starting (sometimes) 426. Some good theory's there. I think what makes the most sense to me now is that enough water is collecting around the spark plug down in the plug well that it's shorting to the contact point at the top of the plug wire. I have not done my test to prove this (putting the old plug back in).

Just try removing the plug wire off of it, then blow it really clean and blow more down the plug well (DON'T REMOVE PLUG FOR THIS) and see how much water comes out that little drain hole on the right side of the cylinder. Then try starting again.


Check your air filter to see how wet it is.

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