WR400 Submarine

Yamakazi...... Thats a @#!$$'ing MINT story!


I'd have to say out of all the riding I do..River crossings and deep puddles bring out that shitty feeling where your brain starts asking all the "what if's" and "is this the best way" questions.

For those familiar with the Dargo High Plains in Victoria Oz... well with the river crossings there..depth and width are one thing... but man the big, round, slippery river rocks and the seriously strong current combined have provided some very amusing scenes. Not to mention the fact that this water is flowing so quickly because the snow is melting! So cold is an understatement. I won't go into detail where the guys reckon all they could see was the peak of my visor :D

It took a number of weeks and deep water river crossing therapy to get over that one...and its always so much funnier when someone else goes in. Worst Case scenario...everyone else has made it across and your the last one who doesnt make it :D

Havent done it with my bike (yet), but I went swimming with my new Toyota V6 4X4 the night I came back from my honeymoon!!! Blew 2 holes out the side of the motor.I guess water really does not compress!!! What a test of my mairrage!!! HAPPY TRAILS-Dave

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