Identifying a YZ Pipe

I recently purchased a used YZ pipe on ebay, paid $85 shipped from Oregon (maybe a tad too much, but I did'nt really mind). My question is how can I be sure what year & bike this thing came from? The auction says it's from an '01 YZ426, & I really don't have any reason not to believe it, I was just curious if there is a way to tell for sure, as I saw no markings other than the standard "not for road use, do not modify this exhaust, blah, blah, blah" stuff.

Anybody have any ideas?

If i am not wrong, '98 thru '02 YZ400-426 have the same stock pipes and all inter-changeable with the WRs. Newer bikes came with the aluminium muffler, which is a different shape. So with regard to your question, you probably cant tell which year it was from since the YZs up to '02 came with the same pipe. I may be wrong though. :cry: I paid more than you when i got mine. :cry:

OK, so I checked & found the following:

98 - 5BE-14753-00-00 SILENCER, EXHAUST $414.11

99 - 5GR-14753-00-00 SILENCER, EXHAUST $387.04

00 - 5JG-14753-00-00 SILENCER, EXHAUST $493.28

01 - 5JG-14753-50-00 SILENCER, EXHAUST $432.85

02 - 5JG-14753-50-00 SILENCER, EXHAUST $432.85

03 - 5TA-14753-00-00 SILENCER, EXHAUST $475.93

04 - 5XD-Y1475-00-00 SILENCER, ASSY $423.67

05 - Not Available

Their OEM parts lookup program is the same as the one on the Yamaha site, except theirs shows the prices. I would imagine that the 1st 3 digits of the part# probably denote the make, model & year of the part, the next 5 characters are the part's individual #, & perhaps the last 4 are there for revisions? I've tried to find a Yamaha part# "decoder", but had no luck.

It would appear that the 98-00 pipes are identical, & perhaps there was some sort of revision to it for 01 & 02 (mounting, maybe?), but 03 seems to be the same as 98-00, & then a whole new # for '04.

I guess they did'nt put the part# on the part so that they could give it different #'s & charge different prices for it, depending on, well... whatever they wanted. :cry:

Havent seen a '03 YZ pipe before but 98-02 bikes have little or no changes to the sub-frame so the pipes can inter-change and mount with no problems. '03 and newer bikes have the new look with the different sub-frame. So pipes from 98-02 would probably need work on it to be able to mount on the '03-05 bikes as it definately wont bolt right on.

03 & 04 pipes have a "dent" in them to clear the rear brake caliper...AFAIK the earlier models didn't have it.

Interesting, the pipe I have was listed as a '01, but it has a dent in it, allthough it looks more like it was made by the caliper it'self, than by a machine, if you get my meaning...

Thanks for the info. :cry:

pretty sure the only problem you'll have is with the mounting bracket location. everything else should be fine. i think we were bidding on the same pipe.

Update: 2001(?) YZ pipe on 2004WR

Put the pipe on the bike last night, the only mounting issue was that the hole in the canister mount was about 3/16" - 1/4" off center from the subframe mounting hole. The pipe didn't come with the rubber grommet & sleeve, so all I had to do was go to the hardware store & buy a couple of 3/8" x 1 1/4" fender washers & an 8mm x 1.25 x 40mm socket head bolt. Put one fender washer on each side of the canister mount bracket & run the longer bolt through & done. :cry:

I did'nt get a chance to run it yet, as it was about 9:30 when I got finished & figured the neighbors probably would'nt appreciate the noise too much. :cry::cry: I switched out the main jet to a 170 & I still have the stock needle with the clip in the middle (4, I think...) position, & the fuel screw about 1 3/4 turns out. Hopefully I'll get a chance to see how it runs tommorow night, & trail test it on Sunday.

Keep us updated, I'm curious to know how it works out. Do you have any pictures?

I'll see if I can swipe the work digital camera this weekend & get a few shots of it.


Well, I did get a few pics of the exhaust on the bike while I was doing a few maintenence procedures on Sat, however, the ride report will have to wait, as I ended up not riding on Sun, due to some scheduling & other issues. I did blast up the alley & back & it seemed that it breathed a bit easier, but I'll have to get a propper ride in the woods to really know the difference. Funny, I expected the YZ exhaust to be much louder than the uncorked WR pipe, but to me they just sounded different, the YZ has a throatier tone to it.









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