What is this rubber from the forks?

Recently had a friend who serviced my forks and he found the rubber piece at the top of both the forks to be broken. Got the yamaha part number and went to the yamaha parts dealer but they dont order this part in! :cry:

Now i have to source for this part so i need to know if there is another name for this part besides 'rubber' as printed on the yamaha parts list. Would like to know its purpose for being in the fork because my friend claims it can run without it but i dont want to take any chances. :cry: Anyway the part from the parts list is number 15 from the image below.



That's the dust cover for your compression dampening adjustment, it's there to keep it clean. You should have one on the bottom of each fork, just push it up into the recess there (make sure it's clean first), & pry it out with a small screwdriver when you need to adjust the clicker.

See if DGY.com has the part.

This rubber belongs inside the forks and should be somewhere at the top as seen in parts pic. You can see the actual thing in rubber.jpg

I'm not so sure about that, as it looks exactly like the caps on the bottom of my 04's forks (#20,40 in the parts diagram pic). Does it have any markings on the end pointing away from you in the pic?

No markings. The rubber should be #15,35 in the pic.

der... :cry: I just re-read your first post & noticed you said "he found the rubber piece at the top of both the forks..."

My guess is that it's some sort of "bumpstop" for when you bottom the forks, but I'm no suspension expert (obviously :cry: ).

Did you check to see if DGY had them?

From http://yamaha.dgy.com/parts.aspx

5DH-23195-L0-00 RUBBER $6.32ea x2 = $12.64

Yeah DGY has it. Will asking around some bike shops in case they have it before i order. Thanks. Rather curious to the function of the rubber though, because the forks have been re-installed on the bike while waiting for the new parts.

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