run-in recommendations - valve clearances

hey guys,

how did you guys run in your new wr's? mine has done 200km so far. after the first 100km i removed the throttle stop and changed the 900ml of oil in the stem. i was told at 300km, i should be dropping all the oil, changing the oil filter and having the valve clearances checked. i was told the bike needs to go back to yamaha and they will do the valve clearances for $AU45-$AU50. my yamaha dealer is an hours drive away from me, and i don't like the idea of driving an hour every 300km, otherwise ill be in at yamaha every week :cry:

are you guys doing your valve clearances every 300km? what happens if you don't do it for 500 or so? what happens if you dont do it at all :cry:

i have little mechical knowledge, but is valve clearances easy enough to do yourself? if someone could direct me to a guide or some pics i'd appreciate it :cry:

thanks in advance,


I have a 99 WR 400 and my valve clearances have never gone out of spec, even after break in. I ride year round and put tons of miles on, but use synthetic oil and change all of it every 2 months.

The titanium valves are the ones you need to keep an eye on because of their light weight and all the physics that go along with that. I don't know how hard it's going to be to service them, but the manuals for these bikes are very detailed so I'd start there.

Synthetic or not to synthetic. That is the question. Great for engine wear but I'd tend to think that the automotive blend might cause a bit of slippage in the clutch. I dunno. Maybe run some the motorcycle blend synth for good measure. Then again, if Frostbite's been using it for this long, it probably fine. Either way, I'd wait until you got a few more miles (or km's) on those piston rings to get em more seated before you did run any kind of synthetic.

i was told yamalube is the best to use since it's half synthetic half not synthetic?

what oils everyone usin? :cry:

Anyone can check the clearances. Pull off the tank and rear head mount. Clean the frame rail and wiring untill it is spotless, then clean it again. This step is very important as you dont want shit falling into the engine when you remive the valve cover. Then simply check the clearances with a feeler guage. I doubt yours will require adjustment. If they are out, the adjustment process is a little more detailed, but still easily done my the home mechanic. I'm sure there's a TT member in Melbourne that would help you out if need be. I use belray thumper oil in my 426. Everyone has a different opinion on oils. Thumper is a good oil at a reasonable price. It's better to use a cheaper oil and change it more ofter (every 300km's or less) than to use an expensive oil and leave it there for longer.

yeah thanks for that. im goin to stick to the yamalube and change it every 300km. ill see if i can find someone in melb to show me how to do the clearances. i havent even read the manual, perhaps it's in there :cry:

i use mobile one the red top stuff as recommended from here... as for the automotive motor oil in the bike just look at the back of it bottle and make sure there is no FRICTION ADDITIVE... that funky lookin circle thing bout the size of a dime is where its at... as long as it doesnt have that additive your clutch wont slip.. been usin the stuff for 2 years and NO problems yet... w/ the clutch... but it has been 2 years and im gonna replace the clutch pack anyhow just to be on the safe side...

how often are you guys doing your valve clearance checks?

how often are you changing your oil?

are you changing it in the stem? the sump? alternating?



Yamalube why take the chance use what the manufacture rec.I have put over 1000 miles on my 04 WR450 and is still in specks like my mec. says keep the aircleaner clean change the oil regular and oh ya ride it like you stole it.

I am running Yamalube in my '04 WR450. My dealer told me to change the oil after every 3 to 4 tanks of fuel. My dealer also did the first service for free and told me to check the valves in the spring before riding season starts. We are in snow mode here right now. I know people who have NEVER been out of spec on there valves and ride the crap out of their rigs!! Got to love that Yami motor!!!!! :cry:

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