fuel/air screw on 05' 450 carb???

I want to buy an aftermarket fuel/air screw.........probably zip-ty or moose for my new ride. I've read where some of you have already put them on your 05's but I can't seem to find the damn thing on my bike. The manual doesn't even mention a fuel/air mixture screw......different wording? There's so much crap around the carb it's hard to see where it would be; and I don't see one.

Would someone who has put one on their 05' be willing to give a verbal description of how to locate it, or even better, a photo?

many thanks in advance!

I've got an '04, but I'm betting it's in the same place, though I've heard some mention of a "plug" that's been installed over it that you can remove by screwing a self tapping sheet metal screw a few threads into & yanking out with a pliers. The screw is recessed in the bottom of the carb, centered left to right, at the front of the "bowl".

BTW, I got the "storm" screw (banner ad here on TT) & like it alot.

Pictures: http://www.pbase.com/jdjetting1/yamaha_yzwr

And, just like Jackazz said, it has plug that must be removed. I used a pick with the "pirates hook" tip. It will go in thru the hole in the center and just work it out. A little stubborn (traces of blue loc-tite on the edges) but it will come out fairly easily. For grins screw the stock one all the way in and count the turns, mine was about 1 1/4 out. After jetting and installing the zipty fuel screw adjuster, it is 1 3/4.

Well if yours was like mine you wont find it, mine had fallen out and all I could see with a mirror was the hole that went to the intake tract of the engine.It either came that way from the dealer(maybe them playing with it before I picked it up,and backed it out too far). Or they loosened it up and within the first couple of rides it fell out.

Pictures: http://www.pbase.com/jdjetting1/yamaha_yzwr

After jetting and installing the zipty fuel screw adjuster, it is 1 3/4.

Did you change any of the jets?What is the elevation you ride at.I am starting on working on jetting this beast.I put in a JD needle from my DRZ I think It may be rich at higher elevation (3000 ft).It was missing at 1/4 throttle and it would start when cold with out using the enrichiner.When I got home (300ft) it ran good


So Texas,

Looking at your gallery of photos, I zoomed to the photo that shows the bottom of your carb where you are accessing the main jet and there is a red round knob......would this be it?

If it is, then when the carb is attached, the screw is actually hanging upside down off the bottom of the bowl?

Not to steal texas's thunder, but:

Yes, & yes.

BTW, good link T4P

If you want to save $20. bucks, simply take a red butt splice electrical connector and push it on the stock fuel screw (after you remove the plug). Put a mark on it with a sharpie pen so you can count the turns. Works great, I have been doing it that way for years. :cry: Smitty

That's a good budget tip Smitty, BTW, You don't live in Hooterville, do you?

If you are gonna spend the $20, I reccomend the Storm Screw as it has the grooves & #'s on it which can be seen & felt really well, & this helps alot for counting turns when adjusting. Also the way mine is positioned, I know that if I see #4 from the left side of the bike that the screw hasn't turned it'self from vibration. Not shown on the pic on their website is that they now put a small groove on the shaft of the screw with a greased o-ring in it to help keep the screw from vibrating loose.

I am the the Hooterville Smitty.... :cry: When are we going to ride? I just bought a 05 wr450... :cry: give me call...smitty

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