Loose Spokes

Hey. The majority of my spokes are very loose. Can I just tighten the spokes until they are all snug and adjust so the rim is straight? All help is greatly appreciated I am a new member and this is my first thread. Thanks a lot. -Joe

Tighten evey third spoke a quater turn starting at the rim lock, and go around the rim a couple times or so until they get tight

Hope this helps

Awesome. I will try that. Thanks for the help.

Just remember, as your facing the wheel(from the back) spokes on your left move the

wheel (rim) in that direction...same with the right ones....turn you wheel after tightening the spokes and (eyeball its RUN-OUT) if the wheel (rim) moves one way or the other out of TRUE.....compensate with the other side SPOKE.....maybe even loosen some on the side the wheel (rim) moves toward.....good luck


Thanks for the help. My rim seems pretty straight.

I need to do my spokes too.

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