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Yz250f And Wr250

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can someone tell me the differences between the YZ250F and WR250?

in general...

- the WRF gives you a lower first gear (good for slow speed crawling), a taller fifth gear (higher top speed, around 85MPH), and electric start ('03 and later models only). the E-button equipped WRF weighs perhaps 20 lbs more than the YZF due to the addition of the battery and the starter. stock, the WRF comes from yamaha a little choked up to meet sound regulations, but you can undo this with the so-called "FREE MODS". again, see the FAQ for info. summary: the WRF is a trail ready race bike.

- the YZF has a close ratio transmission which is designed for MX tracks but is usable as well on the trails. it will top out at around 65MPH. the YZF has no "trail accoutrements", so if you plan on doing organized events you will need to buy some hardware (like a stator and some lights, among other things). see my sig for some details on the SDM ride. summary: the YZF is very light, very flickable, has good grunt, and is a GREAT bike for a novice rider.

my take:

if you are riding mostly trails and also occasionally need the lights, get the WRF. if you are doing Enduro or dual sport events which require something resembling "street legal", the WRF is a much better starting point than the YZF.

if you are riding mostly MX and like to get big air, get the YZF. if you are racing MX or harescrambles the YZF is much preferable to the WRF since it's at around two dozen pounds lighter.

the differences between the two models are enumerated in detail here:


yes that page is for the 2003 bikes but not much has changed... so it's all still valid.

note that many people YFZ-ify their WRF's, and many people WRF-ify their YZF's; so there are always parts and what not floating around if you want to trim some weight off of your new WRF, or add some features to your new YZF.


some YZF owners add a stator and lights;

some WRF owners take off the lights and coolant overflow;

some YZF owners revalve the stock MX suspension for trails;

some WRF owners change the cam timing to the YZF setting.

for more information you will want to read the entirety of our excellent 250F FAQ: http://www.thumperfaq.com/

also see










jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

ps: get the WRF -- it has KICKSTAND MOUNTING BOSSES. 😢 (inside joke, sorry!)

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I was in the same boat 😢

If you dont need lights and if you dont want the Elec start then get the YZF. Think about this one because the wr is still a dam nice bike but its mainly up to your own personal taste.

Im loving my yzf.

Good luck 😢

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