Flywheel weights

I am having a stalling problem on my 04 yz450F and was thinking about flywheel weights. Does anyone have any information on what size weights I should use? Mostly trail riding and a little track riding.

There are a few options for you. You can purchase the Steely kit and bolt it on your self or send in your flywheel to Aloop and they will weld on the size you want. I went this route on my 426 because Aloop also balances it on a lathe when finished. I use a 10oz and love it.

If you decide you'd like to keep your stock flywheel as a back up...I know where you can get a "core" to send off to DR. D - cheap. :cry:

A fly-wheel weight was on of the best things I did to my bike. Lots more tractable and less stalling. If are more serious about trails I'd go with a heavier weight but an 8oz is a nice comprimise for trails and moto. I still ride both with a 10oz and like it in both places.

I went with the MSR 11oz. Super easy install. It just mounts over your stock flywheel weight. It comes with a replacement cover which looks pretty cool also.

I never wanted to have to send anything off or tackle a difficult install.

They also have a 9oz. I was torn between the 2 choices as I race enduros and cross country. Virtually no MX. I would also put this high on my list of musts for off-road racers/riders. Right up there with the REKLUSE autoclutch.

Check out the Rekluse auto clutch. I hear it makes it almost like cheating!!!

Bear two things in mind when selecting weights. First, there are two types, weld-on, and bolt-on. The weld-ons are more effective per ounce of weight than bolt-ons because the entire weight is located at the outside diameter of the unit. Part of the weight of a bolt-on is the center area where the bolts go. Because of this, an 8 oz weld-on is probably as effective as a 12 ounce bolt-on. Additionally, weld-ons are balanced after installation, and won't ever work loose.

Secondly, most weights are listed related to the weight of the '03 flywheel, and your '04 already has a flywheel that is 5 oz heavier than the '03. It was the GYT-R 5 oz racing flywheel in '03; same part.


Steahly sells a replacement flywheel for $150.00. It is a little more expensive, but you will have one flywheel for trails and one for mx if you want, and no machine work needed. Check out this site for their recommendations:

The gytr flywheel is only 99.00 for the mx one and 109.00 for the off road one both have no core so you can keep your old one.

When I first road my 03 450 I knew right then that for me it was going to be the heaviest flywheel I could get, which was the Stealthy 13 oz. The engine is still

quick reving but as mentioned has become tracktable......If it wasn't for that wheel I couldn't ride this bike COWTRAILING........The lower gear helped me to.

But I still crash........ :cry:

BC :cry:

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