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West Michigan Trail Rider Members Wanted.

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1st off I hope this post dosn't offend any of the moderators if it does please say so and it is gone. Otherwise maybe tack it up at the top ? 😢


The club I am a member of the West Michigan Trail Riders, a local chapter of the Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan, could use some more members.

The W.M.T.R's are located outta Scotville Michigan (East of Ludington). We are an all volunteer group of dirtbikers. We have a schedule of events during the summer that range from doing trail maintance to helping layout CCC events, marking trail, building new trail, running sweep.

A few examples of areas that we cover.

1. We do the trail maintance on the Lincoln Hills and Caberfae trails.

2. This year we put in some new single track on the MCCT north of M115.

3. We scouted trail for the Fall Color tour, including Marking the trail before the event, Helping run the event, and running sweep.

4. Marked trail and ran sweep for the Drummond Island day of the Six Days of Michigan.

5. Spend Memorial weekend on Drummond Island for a fun ride and some light trail work.

A lot of the things on our schedule are work. There seem to be few "fun" rides. But when you get a bunch of dirtbikers together and even trail maintance can be fun.

The club is paid by the state for the trail maintance that we do. Some of that money is used for a X-mas party at the end of the year as well as other "perks" throughout the year. There is usually prizes and such at the X-mas party. To be eligible for the party members must work a minimum of 2 underlined items on the yearly schedule that the club publishes.

We are reimbursed for our gas expenses, sometimes full reimbursment others its like 23c a mile or something like that. I think trucks -vs- trucks with trailers are figured at differant rate. I am not sure how all of that works. Most of the time I dont even turn in my gas. I figure I am ridding somewere that weekend anyways. Why get my gas paid just because I am doing a little work at the same time. And for events we work in the UP (like the Six Days) were we may stay at a hotel they will reimburse that also (as long as its a cheep hotel 😢 ).

For me the biggest benifit of being a club member is not getting my gas paid for or getting gifts at X-mas. Its knowing that I am helping put something back into our trail system. This year I have started getting my 8 yr old son involved in the club. And that has rewards of its own beeing able to ride with my son, watch him learn and watch his skills grow, and teach him that we all need to pitch in to keep our trails open.

So anyways we could use a few new members. Most of us are not from the Scottville area. I am like an hour south and there are folks that come from down in Wayland.

Yearly membership is $15.

If your interested in helping put something back into the trail system that gives so much to you, give my friends Keith or Lauri a call at (231) 845-0110 weekdays 10:00am-6:00pm. This is there work number and they will probably answer Ludington Truck Tops or the Jewlery Shop.

If you have any other questions feel free to post them here or PM me and I will do my best to get you an answer.

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wanted to get some info on the spring ringer how do u get a hold of someone i know this is an old post but this is all i can find

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