Help with a magura clutch

G'day everyone, i bought a magura clutch off ebay, it dosnt have instuctions with it, so im wondering how to install it, ive got a wr 400 99. ive bolted it on and seem to be able to route the cable right. but bot sure how to mount the slave cylinder, also it seems to be leaking oil, when i pump the lever oil comes out of the slave where the pull rod exits.

so, does anyone know how to bleed it or where i can order parts? or even how to mount the slave??

thanks :cry:

You need a new slave cylinder if it is leaking at the rod. you can buy this from any Parts unlimited dealer for $60.00. Call Magura USA and they can help you get the mounting instructions for your model. The mounting differs from year to year and model to model. Magura USA 1-800-448-3876 and ask for the tech support motorcycle clutch department. :cry:

When you call tech support ask for Lonnie, he can get you fixed up.

no worries thanks for the info


Is anyone using the Magura on the WR450? comments?

I ride a 2003 Wr 450 converted to supermoto (street only) and love that Magura unit. Best upgrade :cry: . Should be great for all off road stuff.

Is anyone using the Magura on the WR450? comments?

Hey Alabama Rider good to see you back posting. :cry: I have had the Magura Jack Clutch on my bike for a year and a half now. I love it. I love it. :cry: Smooooooth! :cry: The slave cylinder graphite bushing will wear out after a year of riding every weekend. $60.00 to replace the slave cylinder. Overall get the SS braided hydraulic line kit. The stock plastic one lasted about a month on mine. :cry:

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