wr250f or wr450f??

i am an experienced woods/trail rider and race an occasional hare scramble. i recently sold my '96 xr250 (have been riding red since the age of six), but am looking for something with a lot more pep and i've decided to go blue. i am 5-11 and weigh about 220 lbs (230 lbs with full gear). almost all of my riding here in WA state is in tight/technical trails and you rarely have the opportunity to really open it up (there are no long open stretches). i do not ride in the sand but do like climbing hills. i'm looking for some other opinions/input on which bike would best fit my size, type of riding, etc. i've done a ton of research and have narrowed down to the WRF, just need to determine 250 or 450? any help would be appreciated.

I just bought an '05 WR450. I rode an '04 WR250 a while back. If you like any kind of power get the 450. If you don't want it to become a monster, don't hop it up and rejet, uncork etc. The 250 may bore you and there isn't much you can do to squeeze extra juice out of it. If you get the 450 and decide you want more oomph....uncork it and unleash the FURY! My 2 cents.

You know what they say...."go big or go home". In all seriousness I'm the same size as you( a little taller). You'll probably find yourself looking for more after awhile if you go with the 250. Just my .02 worth

I've got an 01 426. I'm 6'4" and about 200lbs.

I've never riden a W250 (or a 450 for that matter), but rode a YZ250F 01 model a while back. What a lovely bike! The thing that I loved about it the most was the way it turned in, something my 426 doesnt do so well. If you do slow tight trails, I'd go the 250, but it may come up short on big hill climbs.

Do you want the YZ125 fell in the handleing department or do you want 50mph 'roll on' wheelies?

Similiar to you, I recently sold a 2001 XR250 and bought a 2005 WR450. I'm 6'3, 240lbs. I knew all along that I wanted at least a 450, I looked at the KTM's and Yamaha - I would have loved to stay with Honda, but I didn't want to wait until Feb. '05 for the CRF450X.

As it has been mentioned in this thread, the great thing about the WR450 is that you can keep it in stock form for a while to get used to it, and then when you are comfortable, start modding it. It is definitely a bike you can grow into and one that will keep you happy for years. I love mine, and it has actually made me a better rider.

Truly, a wolf in sheep's clothing.


Go with the 450 for all the power you can handle. Also since the bike makes so much power down low you dont rev it as much as a 250 and thus your valves and top end life is extended. The only drawback to the 450 is it does not handle tight woods as well as the 250. The 450 needs to be muscled thru tight stuff and ridden with more like a pick up truck running thru a slalom course. :cry:

I'm about the same height and weight as you and for the WA trails the 450 is a great choice. As Indy said the 450s make great power down low and you don't need to rev them. For you coming off of a XR 250 the WR450 will fell like a mountain bike on steroids.

If you ride a lot of tight stuff go with the 250.

I have a WR 400 and it has more power than I need.

I would trade it for a WR 250 in heart beat.

More horsepower + tight trail = less handling.

I have driven my budies WR250 and it felt like a mountain bke compared to mine.

Don't get me wrong I like horsepower but I have more fun blasting along technicle trails all day than doing 4th gear wheelies on a fire road.

The 250 is the way to go if its very tight and twisty. Much easier to change directions. Power won't wear you out. Obvisouly if it opens up the 450 is the way to go. I am 5' 11" 210 lbs. I spend 95% of time in tight second and maybe third gear woods. Most of the time you can leave it in second and you use the whole spread of power. A 450 would be a handful riden like that in the tight and snotty woods.


I have a 400 my buddy a 250. his bike is fine 80% of the time. I can up shift on hills he has to down shift. In the tights stuff, yes mine is heavier but i can blip the throttle and launch over water bars where as he may have to slow down.

No replacement for displacement. What do your buddies ride, 250s or 450s. Try out theirs if possible. You are a big guy get the big bike.

I have an 02 wr 426 I have done all the tricks to it.I would not trade it for the world.I also have been riding for years missed a few in there some were but this bike is a monster is right It can grow with you as you want more you let it out with a few free mods and away you go.I have ridden with YZ,s 450 WR 450 CRF 450 My bike is just as fast a little heavy but pretty easy to get used too.

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