RPM Counter / REV Counter

Hi all,

Anybody using a RPM Counter or REV Counter on there bikes if so which and how easy was it to install...????

Thanks in advance....

I wanted to, but didnt like keeping to many gadgets on

for some I know they are connected to tha spark plug or coil

when buying, notice that 2T use diffrent than 4T

get a honda hourmeter. Inductive off the plug lead, 5 min job to install.

Hamish, im interested in the honda meter, i looked on ebay and found the yellow hour meter, the one you have does it include the tacho? and how much did u pay here in aus?

thanks :cry:

it includes a tacho, goes to 10,000RPM in 20 rpm incriments if I remember correctly. It's a bit slow to update (about 0.5 sec I guess). I paid about $140 from a Honda stealer, which I thought was pretty good as the standard moto minder is about $130.

dont have time to look down at gauges to busy trying not to fall OFF my bike...

I recently bought a used tachometer from Yamaha (an inductive one), see link.


First I fitted I to my car since I wanted it to “start” at 100 hours instead of 96.3 hours. That was extremely easy took 30 seconds and three plastic straps. Yesterday I tried to fit it to my bike, an WR250F 2003. It should have been very easy but I was fooled by a rumor that said that it was possible to wrap the wire around the orange wire leading to the sparkplug :cry: . The rumor stated that you just needed to warp it 6-10 times around instead of 3 if you have an WR -02. I can now kill that rumor :cry: . I tried to wrap the wire 6 times around, 12 times around. I tried to wrap it around the black wire and so on. The fact of the matter is that you need to wrap the inductive wire around the inductive sparkplug coil. Once I did that everything worked fine. It’s not pretty but it works…

So in conclusion, if you wrap the inductive wire a round the inductive sparkplug coil straight a way, the mounting of the tachometer is very easy and it should not take more than 20-30 minutes all in all (removing the tank, wrapping and strapping the wire, put back tank).

Hope this helps some what and good luck :cry: .


Hmm..that sucks. Mine had a clip that you attatch to the plug lead. Even came with a special seal to prevent tampering. Was a 2 minute job, clip the wire to the lead and mount the display.

Thanks for all you advice guys :cry:

How about http://www.tinytach.com ?

A lot of the DRZ guys are using the commercial one and it goes to

19,000... :cry:

You may want to consider a G.P.T. engineering tacho.



Larger display than the others and more flexible:

Digital Multifunctional Engine Tachemeter, universal applications 2 or 4 strokes, from 1 to 24 cilinders, max 25.000 rpms, alarm limit rpm engine hours

Has a refresh rate of a little less than 0.5s

Distributors in most countries

Will readily adapt to your next 24 cylinder dirtbike.

Some interesting bike management technology from this

company as well.


Just checked out Tiny, they have a dealer in the UK, just mailed for price

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