450 coil

Has anyone put a 450 coil on a 426? I know you can do the Dubach set up. Just wondering. I found the threads w/the coil info but most of the pics are not there now. Also has the connector issue been resolved? any p#'s will help.

Check out any modern bike set up, they should swap. I am personally running a coil from a Hayabusa (2000-2001). The R6 has a similar set up. The factor will be the length from the rubber seal to the tip. The Hayabusa coil fit perfect as I would think any of the GSXR coils would. I was the one who made the issue of the connectors, I forgot to get it when buying the coil from the salvage yard and had to make a second trip and pay some more. I dont think I would have been charged if I would have asked for it when getting the coil. I have heard people say that the connector is readily available, however I live in Houston with access to many specialty parts warehouses and stores, and I nor anyone else seem to find that connector. I also havent seen anyone here on TT disclose a source to get the plug. Get all the parts from a salvage yard, dont be all excited about what you are about to do and it shouldnt cost more than 40 bucks with the connector. :cry:

Forgive my ignorance, but is there some sort of performance advantage to doing this or is it simply a cost effective replacement idea?

i don't think the older bikes had the coil over plug setup? and if there is an advantage to the hyabusa coil i might just try one! what about that dang resistor can it be removed/replaced with brass rod without doing any damage to the CDI because i could care less about tv/radio interferance if it will eliminate future failure(the xr fellers say they fail on them occasionally) and it has to hinder some juice to the plug? :cry: :cry:

The most important consideration is whether the lack of a resistor will interfere with the operation of the CDI unit. RF radiation can make them do goofy things.

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