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****Urgent ****Need some more advise ???*****

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Ok this is what I got back from the TM importer ..

I have to place the orders today and this 660 is not available the way you

want( lights/signals, cush drive). Please see note from TM. Let me know via

E mail ASAP if you want the 660 or the 530 as the orders will be placed on


tks Dan

From TM: now I understand, and I can say that we don't have this kind of


Anyway the bike will be only the competition one, we cannot make any

changes, so you can find the right price on the export price list. If you

need extra parts you can buy as spare parts but I don't know the price.

I suggest to check on the spare parts list or to ask to our spare parts


So with this in mind ... we all know that a CRF can be made to put on the road so what would I need to do to this beast to do the same ???

I really want it on the street and I dont want to have a bike that I cant ride on the road .. If all fails I will get the 530 SMM ..

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Where are you that you can even get a TM? Those are sexy bikes. Especially the 530 SMM Black dream.

At least in Florida you can get it titled as long as it doesn't say "For Off-road use only" on the MSO. You could title the TM easier than the CRF as all the Jap bike have the "For Off-road only" on the MSO.

The Enduro version of the TM should have a headlight and tail light. Getting turn signals from some another source shouldn't be an issue.

You don't need a cush hub.

I can't see comparing the TM and the CRF. The TM 530 has more power and, in America at least, it's a LOT more money. You could almost buy 2 CRFs for the price of the TM 530.

If you can afford it, I'd go with the TM.

PS> You need post this on the Exotic board. This thread will get buried quickly here.

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