Opinions Anyone?

I would to know any opinions on the yamaha wr 400f! :cry:

:cry: This message is hidden because marcusmoberg is on your ignore list. :cry:

Mmmm, Wr400?? Some are ridden by complete Morons! (PS I have a 450!!)

Marcus, where you at? I cant see you? :cry:

&%$#@! is a marcus...... :cry:

You can't go wrong with a WR400.

I saw a 2000 model last month for 2k that was a virgin. I'll bet it had less than 100 miles on it. I came back with a bud 3 days later and it was gone.

If your looking to buy one you should be able to get it for a fair price.

See Ya,


Ignore any post by marcusmoberg. Do a search for other posts by him and you will find him to be a total time-waster.

Ride fast - take chances


:cry: But, it worked, you looked and posted too! :cry::cry::lol:

Anyway, it worked for me too but I'm a newbie and can get away with that :cry: I can thank one of my riding buddies for getting me into my 426. I was riding a dog XT225 that I had purchased after years of not riding offroad. It was fine until we really started riding some gnarly trails and I just couldn't keep up (no surprise). He let me ride his YZ400 up a hillclimb and I was hooked, but of course, I had to do one better. :cry:

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