Proud New 450 Owner!

Just brought home my new 2005 450 last night. I am amped to say the least! I can't wait to ride the thing (unfortunately I'm in Michigan and will be waiting a while). Has anybody done the peg mod with their Ti pegs yet? I'm going to get an upper clamp and some Windham Pro Tapers for it along with transfering my tall seat foam off my 03. I also plan on a Dubach pipe and maybe some black excels just for fun. Oh yeah. I have a Magura clutch also, I loved that thing on my 03. Does anyone know off the top of their head whether or not the fuel screw is the same from my 03? I have a nice litle T-handle one on my 03. Some springs, 773's and numbers and I'll be ready to rumble! :cry:

i have an 04 450 that i got a few months back and im in michigan to and am hating winter right about now

what part of michigan are you in some friends and i arein thelansing area and are always looking to ride ours bikes

we plan on going to an indor arenacross track down near jackson in a couple weeks

I'm south of Flint a little bit. What indoor track are you talking about? Tecumseh? I've been there a couple of times and Grand Rapids about a half dozen times or so in the past.

He has to be talking about ProSource....Are you??? Kind of tiny. :cry: We need a large indoor track in Mid Michigan. I'd be there all the time.

yeah the techumpse one wheres the one in grand rapids?

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