How much does the FMF Q weigh?

... for the XR50R?

by the way, has anyone ever weighed just the stock pipe? just the tail piece...

I never weighed mine but I do remember the Q being lighter then the oem peice :cry:

I Think It Is Right At Around 6 Lbs

thanks for the reply guys.

so, what about a header?

anybody have a strong opinion either way on the fmf powerbomb or the fmf hi flo header?

which one are you running and why? any noticed improvement over the stock header?

does the fmf q make a good combination with the stock header?

would it make a better combination with either the powerbomb or the hi flo header?

sound is an issue. i don't want to risk the low sound level i get by running the Q buy running one of their headers as well... does the fmf header make the bike louder?

My husband put on the powerbomb as well as the can. His was the power core model though.

He was very surprised at the power increase.

I'd like to get the "Q" for my WR. Does anyone have one? How do you like it?

dont know if its true, but I read some FMF 'Q' ad the other day somewhere, that said exhaust is a bit quieter when used with the PowerBomb header ... I dunno ...

I had a Q series pipe. It was OK. If you want quiet, thats what you'll get. I like a thump in my thumper so I ditched it. Don't expect ANY power gains unless your running a real piece of crap right now.

Not looking for power gains, just looking to at the very least maintain the same power i get from the stock exhaust and the HRC tip.

However, it still needs to be quiet, either as quiet or quieter than the stocker with the HRC tip which blows around 96 to 98 depending on who is doing the sound check that day.

I'd also like to run something lighter than the stock exhaust.

So far I have it narrowed down to:

1. FMF Q with the power bomb header

2. White Brothers E2

Any other suggestions?

Must blow 96, maintain or improve upon stock with HRC tip, and save weight.

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