Rekluse AND a flywheel weight?

I'm taking the plunge and installing the Rekluse clutch on my 02 426 this weekend. I already have a 12 oz. flywheel weight on my bike and I really like the way it smooths out the power. Is there any problem with running a Rekluse clutch AND a flywheel weight, particularly a rather large one like 12 oz.?

Oh yeah, I'm installing a 450 cam as well...

And a kickstand, but that's kinda' boring...

Man, no-brainer clutch, fly-wheel weight, 450 cam AND a kick stand. Are you getting some Lazy Boy decals too?

Just kidding. LOL. Enjoy!

Does Lazy-boy make a reclining after-market seat for my 426?

Hey, gimmie a break, at least I gave up on the idea of the in-dash 8-track player.

the rekluse adds about 4-6 0z. you may have to go to a 6 or 8oz flywheel weight for engagement issues. the more fw the slower the engage/ disengage you may be able to make up for it by running 5 tc balls if its not quick enough engagement. the tc balls are twice the weight of the others and are spread evenly amongst the others(every sixth ball i think) and the extra weight ramps them up faster allowing faster engagement. al at rekluse will help you out,he was great helping me solve the issues i had. :cry:

I would say that you will have too much flywheel weight. The auto clutch will smooth out the power for you, no need for extra flywheel weight.

Welcome to the Rekluse club, let us know how you like it.

I have a rekluse clutch and 12oz weight on my 01 426 and in technical trails the two together make a perfect combination. Idle to 1/4 throttle you have a 40hp pw50 that can tractor smoothly over anything, and your riding buddies on enduro bikes will hate you for being so smooth in rough stuff with an mx bike!! :cry:

I also have a rekluse clutch a 12oz with the 03 450 cam on my 01 426. Haven't had the need for tc balls and it works great as it is, but I was thinking of taking it off the flywheel to see what it would be like. Engagement speed is a little tricky to setup, but it worth the time


Does Lazy-boy make a reclining after-market seat for my 426?

Hey, gimmie a break, at least I gave up on the idea of the in-dash 8-track player.

Tape Player Hmmmmmmmmm that sounds pretty good......I wonder if it will fit on my bike?


i was running a 12 oz. flywheel with my rekluse and it just screwed up the engagement. there are trails that some guys ride that the extra FW may help...

but i would definately try the auto clutch with the stock flywheel.

i have also found that the TC balls help it hookup off the bottom more positively, since the engine isnt "spooling" up and ready to spin the wheel. its like more FW wieght, but without the slow rev.

I e-mailed Rekuse and they told me it should be okay, so I'm going to try it with the flywheel weight on there. With luck I'll file a ride report Monday.

For what it is worth, I thought about a weieght as well as the rekluse.

Personally I do not see the need for a fly wheel weight with the rekluse. I can not state frm experiance, I do not use a weight, but I have a rekluse. And the change just the clutch made was so great, well as I said, I dropped the idea of using a 6oz. I also have not seen anyone use a weight with the clutch as well. Just my $4.26 worth, Either way you are gonna love the rekluse


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