450 swingarm on 426?

Anybody know if this will work? I have a 2000 426 that now has a damaged swingarm and was thinking of upgrading to the lighter 450 swingarm. I've looked on Yamaha's part's site and see the pivot bolts have different part numbers, but the axel is still the same. I'm sure my wheel will mount up, but not sure about the main pivot or shock linkage. If anyone else has tried this swap, or knows what differences there might be, please let me know. :cry:

according to yamaha in their update books, the 02 model year got the new swingarm design (02-04). From the previous design the swing arm pivot bolt is a different size. Also the linkage is different and the shock is 5mm longer to accomodate this.

So can it be done? sure it can, dont know it would be worth it. You can find the 00-01 426 swingarms on ebay all the time for cheap.

Thanks for the reply, exactly the info I was looking for. :cry:

I've seen a ton of cheap swingarms on ebay, including 450 ones, so I know that's where I'll buy. I was just hoping I could sneak in a little weight savings. I've already started down the road of bastardizing my bike with the 450 plastic, tank, seat, subframe, and airbox, so I figured I might as well look at the swingarm as well. :cry: Did it say if the pivot bolt was smaller or larger? If it's larger it's an easy swap, but if it's smaller it's probably not worth it for what little weight savings it would be. Hmmmm......decisions, decisions. :cry:

the front pivot bolt{the one that goes through the engine} is thinner on the 450 but if you take the bushings out of the 426 arm they will fit right in the 450 arm then the bolt from your 426 will slide right through and work perfect then use your 426 linkage. i know this because we have an extended swingarm off an 01 that i put on my 03 for dragracing.

Thank you very much, that's just what I wanted to hear. :cry:

what are you callin bastardizing? LOL

Bastard Child

I've seen your bike a few times satch, love it. :cry:

I just finally finished my 450 swap a few months ago and love it. Just feels different, better different. Don't think others would understand. I did manage to do my swap without altering anything on my frame as well. I filed down the subframe as opposed to the frame and made brakets that use existing mount points for the tank. Turned out great. One question though, did your 426 muffler line up with the 450 subframe mount? I had to fab up a braket to make mine work, it lowered the mounting point 1".

I'm starting to think you and I have built evil twins. :cry::cry:

I also used brackets for the tank and cut the subframe to fit the frame.

My pipe is a PC T-4 and fit just fine!

I am thinking of selling my beast though...........

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