Amzoil 00w-40???

Anyone used Amzoil 00w-40 in their WRs or YZFs? I'm hoping it'll help with the cold weather starts. My 10W-30 Yamalube is like mollasses and with the dry sump and external oil resavoir, I don't trust that it will stay thin enough to sufficiently lube the engine.

I've also thought about wrapping the frame resavoir with insulation to keep the oil warm. Anyone ever do that to help keep the engine at operating temp?

I've used it, but only in the summer. The o number kind of freaked me out but, no problems.

One thing for cold weather, ya can't get lower than 0 visconsity.

I have a small magnetized heater I used to use for my car's oil pan. You might want to try one, 20 bucks Can.

Good idea on the heater. I have used propane torches in the past, just point it at the bottom of the engine case.

we ride in the snow all winter (on snow sled trails once the single track gets too deep) and "shock cooling" of the engine, from all that snow/ice coming off your front tire or the guy in front of you, can keep your engine from ever getting to normal operating temps.

We wrap duct tape around the front of the engine from frame rail to frame rail, top to bottom, it really protects the engine from the snow blast and also keeps the air flow down allowing the engine to run much warmer - don't worry about it getting too warm - won't happen as some snow still gets by and will keep it cool enough. If it's below 28 degrees I also block off air flow on one side of the radiator.

If you have seperate tranny oil we use ATF in that side - works great but you can't use it on crank side of engine. I've never tried a 00 weight oil - no clue how that would work but with the modifications mentioned above I've never had a problem using 10w30 or 10w40 oils -- just let the bike warm up pretty good before you start grabbing handfuls of throttle.

Have fun - winter is a great time to ride - don't know why we don't see more guys trying it - it sure beats watching TV

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