Quick Stand question

Looking for a lift stand that gets both tires of the ground. Anybody know how many inches this requires? I'm looking for something to use on the trailhead and my garage.



I would go with the tusk model aluminum stand. That looks like a great price too. That is what I use for my 650R and it works great. If you get it on the stand just right it will support the bike with both tires slightly off the ground. It will hold either the front or the back off the ground by several inches depending on if you move the stand more forward or back.

I use the MSR bike crate and have a motorcycle lift from Sams Club. Paid $20 for the crate and $90 for the lift.

I use the 2 post stand from Bob's Cycle Supply and i've been very happy with it. I leave the bike up on the stand all week just to make it easier to work on and get to the left side of my 600. It's very stable and lifts the bike just enough to get both wheels off the ground.

Chan... I have an aluminium one like in the pic... It works good, and it does lift the bike, but it does seem the bend a little bit after a while, so it teeters back and fourth on the legs a bit... kinda makes me wish that I had bought a steel stand!!!! BTW how is Maybrook? Do you like it?

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