Need more power

:cry: Unlike you guys I have a yfz450. I know it is a little bit slower than the bikes, and i want to change that! I would have bought the bike, but when all your friends ride 4 wheelers its hard to buy a dirtbike.(cant learn from each other mistakes)

anyhow i heard to gain a little more ponies i can install the wr crank in the yfz with no trouble for 380.00 (includes everything ,piston,rings,crank,blah)

then i will be a true 450, but why spend the money to update to a true 450??

I was wondering what kind of options you wr owners have updating the performance of the bike, and whats proven to be the most gain..

(what i want to do is install a wr crank kit in my yfz and maybe bore it out a couple of mm's..

i know you all have a yfzthread,but not many users, and you wr guys been awhile for a little longer..

Talk to Max Power Inc:

web link:

They have specific kits for YFZ450s

The 480 stage III kit with gain you 7 HP up top and more power everywhere.

TT member DadDogRider has a special 508 kit he has helped develop with a longer stroke and you can get it there as well for a 12 hp gain and loads of torque.

I am going to be doing the 480 kit to my WR450 when I rebuild my engine for more bottom end grunt. (stock cams lower compression)

This is the better way to go than using WR parts.

Good luck! :cry:

Yeah i have researched a lot about the 480 kit from maxpower at

max power 480 kit includes stock yfz parts, but i was wanting to convert to the wr setup to boost up in cc's... that way i can run a wr crank with a 2mm over bore to get a 470... :cry: I dont really want to go huge with the bore.. its more of a hill climbing bike, and i abuse it.

i know the wr have been out a whole lot longer than the yfz so i was hoping you all had some kind of special information about the motors that could improve my quads performance...

i have a pipe

cam mod (yz timing)

ron woods intake

-4 trail tech flywheel

I think its funny how things turn out..

people with yz450 want to smooth out the horspower

people with yfz450 want that raw untamed horsepower

its a shame the the yfz doesnt have the same kickback as the 2 wheel version...

Does the YZF have a single overhead cam compared to the WR/YZ450's ?

its dual just like the wr and yz cams

i had my timing set up for yz specs

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