Clutch basket Free play

Hi Fokes I'm in the middle of a complete tear down and as I'm putting it back together i can pull the clutch asy and tranny gear forward :cry::cry:

I looked at it over and over and i didn't forget any parts but it moves in and out about 1/2 that of a single friction disk.

From looking into crank shaft hole i can see the tranny gear is moving it's kinda like a missing trust washer but not quit as much.

I just didn't thing or notice before and getting worried and don't want to keep going until I'm sure or not if it's normal to have side to side play (IN&OUT) in that tranny shaft.

Thanks for any help


Did you split the cases? And if you did was the main shaft or lay shaft disassembled?

There are too many items that are unknown by us to answer your question good enough to help you.....more info would are you sure you installed the correct thrust washers before putting the cases back together.....The clutch hub preloads the main shaft with the clutch nut.....spacers installed ......Pictures...all this stuff helps..

Because were not there.....


I'm sorry i should have tried better.but the best thing i can say is i checked a micro fiche and all the parts are there. i did split the case but followed the install direction to the letter. and have no extra parts left

I did notice the thrust washer behind the clutch boss didn't really sit on the just slide on and flops around in the lower grove section.

If you grab the clutch asy (complete) with 1 hand on each side you can move it in and out about 1-2mm. the gear shaft it bolts to moves with it.

I don't have a picture but can use a little help if this is normal.

Im having the same exact problem is this normal?

1-2mm doesn't sound too bad. I cant remember for sure but I think when I had mine apart it did have some play. If its more than that then maybe something is the matter. Remember that a little play could be there to allow for oil, I know oil will generally use up a thou or two in play. But I cant say for sure if its supposed to be like that or not.

If you grab the clutch asy (complete) with 1 hand on each side you can move it in and out about 1-2mm. the gear shaft it bolts to moves with it

Can you move is side to side aswell?? meaning that if your holding it with both hands your pushing one side in and pulling the other out. know what I mean? because I know mine does this for sure, it did it with the stock basket and with the Hinson. But that was the basket moving on the shaft not everything together.

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