Radiator guards with air scoops?

Hey guys. I've been reading posts on this site for a year now and finally decided to join because there is something I need to find. I have a 99' yz 400f and I am looking for some radiator guards and I saw some a while back(I think it was on this site) but I have tried everything possible to search. They are kind of like the Devol rad guards but they have an air scoop at the bottom. Please help!

Hey, those are Rooster rad guards. I dont know how to make a link to the site but its.....Roosterperformance.com

I know Lightspeed make a carbon fibre scoop for Honda ( link )

- pretty damn good. Might be worth checking if they make the same for Yamaha

Hey thanx guys! I knew I saw them somewhere. Does anybody know if there would be a drawback to getting these.

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