Need to be schooled on Alstralian suspension??

Ok, I have been spouting off like I know something about Suspensions for quite some time now. :cry::cry::cry: Well on another group it turns out I have come to the conclusion I don't know what I am talking about and it's time to go to school :cry:

The rest is Sarcastic.... :lol:

Down in the Land Down under they run the XR650R's with the suspensions so.....Well I haven't figured out how but, so something that the kick stand needs to be made longer (3 to 4 inches!)to keep the bike from falling over. They don't change the link (no raising link opposite of a lowering link) still have the proper sag??? (Well that's what was said) no spiecal parts but, what ever they do it makes the rear way taller and the forks so long that the odo cable is almost to tight.

Now this makes the bike ride like a dream (kinda like a stink bug). I am not sure if there is the propper race sag. (I souldn't say propper but, propper to us yanks). It was told to me that this is done by the top suspension guru in Australia and that all the winners on the XR650R down under run there bikes this way. So, I am told :cry: I have been out of the states but, not as a rider....I am no big name guy and know squat about this. Can you please school me so I am up to speed???

I think I have what Rick Johnson, and all the shops over here and what they do down. (well I thought I did) I have had my bike next to lots of real race/riders bike here and with 3.75" rear race sag and everything set dead on. My skid plate highth isn't any diffrerent maybe a tad higher then some but, nothing that makes it so tall that I/they would nead a longer kick stand. Even Jonney C 1x isn't that much taller with the CR500 shock in some of his older pictures. You can see that his rear axle is just under the highth of his skid plate like mine and all the other bikes out there. My seat highth is taller but, that has to do with the sub-frame being straightened. The front forks on his are different then stock but, I think it's close to the same travel and rake. Mine does not look as much because of the fork brace but, I am sure it is.

I hope you all jump in and give me what for! :lol::D

I know Irondude is freezing his butt off out in some tent some where and I'll throw this out agian when he gets back. Maybe he can blast me straight.

Here's the light weight version of the Aussie XR650R


Here's a bunch of XR650R pictures from the Australian Safari for comparison.

Well it is true. There is no static sag. Very little race, what's up why do they run it sooooo, different :cry:

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