Cracked oil hose

Just two week ago I had a problem with my oil hose. I was riding some pretty rocky terrain, a little too rocky for my particular tastes but since everyone else was on quads I wasn't about to be the only person sitting back at the trucks. In any case, like a stupid ass I put a hairline crack in the oil hose where it meets the crankcase. I was wondering if there was some sort of aftermarket guard for this component. I mean it is a little exposed, sitting out there off the right side of the bike. I would definately be in the market for something like that considering that hose costs 80 bucks to replace. Thanks.

I believe Works Connection and Lite Speed among others offer a selection of engine case guards that will provide the protection you need. My 250F had a set of very rugged carbon fiber ones on it when we got it. I think they ar ealso WC, but I don't know for sure.

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