I know this is a WR forum, but does anyone here do any Z50 riding? Me and some of my friends are really into the Z50's. They are a hoot! Mine is getting all ready to be street legal right now.

I bought an 84 Z50 for my kids. It is in dire need of a valve job and could use a bore job as well. I disassembled it two years ago. It is still disassembled in my basement.

I was to bring in the head to a machine shop for a valve job, but something happened (don't really know what) and it never made it.

My daughter e-mailed her other 13 year old buddies about her prowness on a motorcycle and that she rides "Motocross". My daughter has never even seen an MX track let alone rode on anything other than my lawn and the street. :)


'99 WZ/YR (you choose!) with ALL YZ mods, de-octopused, DSP Doug Henry airbox w/ velocity stack, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, OEM YZ tank, IMS YZ seat.

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Everyone rides these things. My vice is the XR100 but for you there is hope. Try fast50s. These guys can turn you onto anything you need for you 50 and connect you with other loons like yourself.


If you want to know about XR100, ttr125 stuff try


your sick,


I smell another hobby that I can't afford.

Damn you guys!

Jimmy, you are funny! Yea trust me, I know about fast 50's, they have some cool stuff. The neatest one I have ridden so far belongs to one of my best friends. It has an 80 kit, big gun header, street legal (headlight, taillight, brakelight, the whole 9) PW 80 suspension, its super neat. I am ordering parts for mine right now. I just got my headlight kit, and I am about to order about 500 dollars worth of other trick crap for it. Z50's are such a blast! We will be in force at the elsinore GP in November this year, tearin up the town!

Had a Z50 pit bike 25 years ago and bought another one about 3 years ago. My 16 year old rides it more than his CR125. I still have fun on that little thing myself.

I have made this claim numerous times: "Z50's are the best motorcycles ever made!"

Yep, your sick all right. They need to have a side event at a race like Elsinore. We did one on the Pee Wee track at Glen Helen for SoCalXRs and had a 50 class but only 4 guys rode. We get 40 entried for our 100cc classes and though I quit the club every week I still think there is something to combining the racing for both groups. Craig Mason just e-mailed me something about a fast 50s race with Jeremy McGrath...

Go figure. He let us race at his house back in the day. We had a Taco Race. Eat, ride a lap. That was before he was worth so much!

If you can pimp the Idea right to a promotror you can get a pretty good gig going.


There is a whole racing series for Z50's called the Z50 challenge. Its way cool. I found a cool graphics kit I am ordering for my 50 today.

Does an XR50 count? I ride mine EVERY DAY. I get to ride my WR about 2x a month. I think the neighbors think I'm off my rocker, but it's worth it!

Yup, XR's count! I rode an XR with a big gun pipe, Nice!

Z50's rock. They are so freaking tough. You can beat the hell out of those things, and they still start and run. I have seen Z50's take some hard landings, and nothing even gets bent up! I love mine. I ordered a pretty cool graphics kit for it yesterday!

Hey all,

I just came over to the WR side and saw this thread...and had to tell you guys my experience w/these cool little bikes!

My friend who has a 1985 z50 (for a play bike around his house)...decided one day that we should jump his little 50 into the pond in his backyard. So we cut his Halfpipe in half, so now it he has 2 quarter pipes. Then we put 1 quarter pipe by the edge of the pond and staked it into the ground. Then we gassed up the ole z50 and got a good starting distance away and hit the quarter pipe going about 25 mph and soared into the air about 20-25ft high.

Then the fun part began...getting it out of the pond. So, we welded a piece of old rebar onto the swingarm and hooked 3 tiedowns to it and pulled it out with his tractor. After we got it out we turned it upside down and put it in gear and turned the wheel to pump the water out. This bike has been "ragged" on by his older brothers for 13yrs and still runs perfect and is on the stock top end. :)

This shows how bulletproof and fun these little bikes are. I wouldnt dare do this to my YZ426 but that z50 is a blast to ride. Hope I didnt bore you guys too much LOL!



I get my kicks on a 426!

Motoman393's MX Site

Wow! didn't so many others were into the Z50's. Me and two of my friends have old hardtails. The motors are not stock though. I have a SL70 motor with a CT70 head on it. The cylinder is bored to 88cc's and the head has a performance cam so it revs to the moon (pretty close to my 426). It is a four speed with a manual clutch. Also has aftermaket exhaust. Been clocked at over 50 mph.

My buds are basically the same except their cranks have been stroked and have been changed to a 12 volt total loss system. Theirs are more along the lines of 100cc.

Almost unridable until the steering dampeners were installed.



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Heavily Modified Z50

Way cool jbird! Have you checked out the takegawa web site? They have a DOHC 4 valve head kit for the monkey motor! I want to do the SL70 mod as well, since mine will be street legal. For now, I am just getting it ready for our elsinore trip in november. My bike is a 93 Z50.

I have a sick 1971 Mini Trail 50 and would love to fix it but I need some advice from you Honda 50 experts. Mine always ran great until it started getting used as a speedway bike in my friends watered down three car garage. In addition to this the clutch(pushing on the pedal and releasing it when at redline) saw lots of abuse in order to make the bike do wheelies and climb steep hills. Anyway, I was sitting on it one day with the engine running and went to go and the engine just bogged and the bike would not move. Now the back tire is locked and you can not kick the bike over. Keep in mind the engine was running while the rear wheel was locked. Personally, I think something in the clutch either melted together or locked up, but I have no experience with how these things work. Any knowledgeable help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Eric


98 WR400 "Strokerized"

97 EXC400

93 RMX250

i have a couple of videos, mostly "crusty", and those guys were doing backflips and 360's on a z50! it is sick!!

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