Quiet in California

I have a 2001 YZ 426. I got stopped because my bike is too loud. I repacked the Exhaust and added a quiet baffle to my White Bros pipe and now it really seems to hesitate when you crack the throttle. I read the post about changing jets for cold weather. I did the pipe and rode the first time when it was quite a bit colder. Any help would be appreciated. :cry:

If your WB is the old R4, they are notoriously loud. The "quite baffle" for the one on my son's 250F is just a washer with a little screen on it, so I can only imagine how badly it affects performance.

If it's an R4, your best bet, unfortunately, is going to be to replace it. My 450 with its 17" FMF Ti4 is much quieter (no numbers available) than the 250, and guys pretty generally rave about the FMF Q series.

I've got the PMB endcap with the spark arrestor included and I'm pretty happy with it. I'm under 96db (I've never actually been tested but all the rangers tell me that they know this unit, it always passes and I should enjoy my day) I got mine for $99 and installation was a snap.

ive got a PMB end cap too but mine is nowhere near 96. but then again, my silencer is cut 3-4 inches and ice modified the end cap. im thinkin more like 100-105.

Previous to my repacking I was at 106 Db now I am at 95 but it just runs so bad it really is no fun to ride. I guess I need to step up and buy a new pipe. Bummer because the WB is like new. Thanks for the help. This is really cool.

If you must ride quiet all the time, spend the cash for an FMF Q-series exhaust. Of all the reviews that I have read, the Q seems to be the best when compared against other pipes that are corked up to be quiet.

I too have an R4 and am pretty disappionted about this whole sound issue. I personnaly love the way my R4 is supposed to sound, but to cork it up takes so much power away that it becomes a bad trade off. I looked at a lot of different designs of quiet cores, but they all have the same power robbing effect, where as a specific designed quiet muffler will perform better than most add-on quiet cores.

Another issue is the fact that the R4 has been discontinued so there will be no more 'new' designs of quiet cores made for the R4 that would actually work. The only other possibility I can see right now is the quiet core in the new E2 my buddy just bought looks like it could possibly fit where the screen goes in the R4, but at this point I haven't tried it yet. So far it looks like I'll just plan on getting another pipe for 'sound' areas and keep my R4 for everywhere else. Haven't been to a sound checked area for quite a while though so I still haven't bought a quiet pipe yet.

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