2003 450 Battery Replacement

My 03 stock battery is getting weak. Almost 2 years old now. Won't hold a charge. Its a Yuasa, # YT275 MF.

Has anyone found a better aftermarket replacement that will fit in the same compartment, or is the stock replacement the best option?


I'd be checking your regulator/rectifier first, as Yuasa batteries are generally high quality and should last longer than 1 year. Check that your charge voltage is around 13.8 volts. If it goes much over 14 volts when you give it a rev your reg/rect could be overcharging the battery, which will kill it much quicker than normal.

Last week I needed to kick the bike to get it started (Bike had been sitting for 2 weeks), then it would E start after short stops. I turned on the DS kit, after about 4 hours of riding, and the battery did not have enough juice to sound the horn unless I had it revving real high. I assumed the battery was getting weak. The metered voltage was 12.6V at the battery later that night, however there was not enough energy to E start the bike.

Charging voltage is around 13.5-14.7V.

Took the battery out today and charged it for a while. Now seems to be OK.

Have any of you 03 owners had to replace your batteries yet?

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