00' 426 top clamp

does anyone know if a '99 400 top clamp will fit a '00 426. I did search on this web site and I am pretty sure that it will work. But why does renthal for their top clamp have a different part number for the '98 & '99 than the '00 -'03. Does any one know the difference. Any help would be great. Thanks!

Yes it wil fit.

just about every year, the bars moved forward on the top clamp. Thus the different part numbers through the years.

Also the 98-99 bikes have a different front number plate than the 00+ bikes. The 98-99 use a horizontal mount through the plate where the newer ones use a vertical mount behind the plate.

I found a pretty cheap renthal top clamp for a '98 & '99. Will I have to modify my number plate so it will fit.

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