Still have trouble with the rear brake.....

I have ridden my bike for a good year now and the Tech 6 boots are broken in

I would think for sure by now.....but I still have trouble feeling the rear brake

especially on tricky downhills.....loose dirt or slippery mud.....Does anyone else suffer from this problem, because for sure it is a problem.....I have ridden with my

old school 8in lace boots (worn for short track) and I can use the rear brake fine

I just wonder if different MC boots are better for that brake feel?


BC, I have the same problem with my Fox Forma Pro's. It seems that one minute i'm wondering whether i'm using enough pressure on the rear brake, the next minute the rear wheel's locked. :cry: As you say, particularly noticeable on snotty downhills. My old Tech 3's had heaps more feel.....maybe I just don't like change.....BTW my Forma's are about as broken in as they're gonna get.

Really sucks Chris, I paid more for these boots than I did for the whole

Tux and shoes for my wedding :cry: Sometimes I wonder if they really

think about NEW DESIGN?

BC :cry:

Exactly the same thing happened to me a few months ago. I ride every weekend and have 2 pairs of active boots. I have long used SIDI boots. I got back from Moab and needed a new pair to replace one pair. I tried the Fox Forma Pro at the dealer and really liked the feel at the store. I got out trail riding with them one weekend and I could not control the rear brake! I spent good money on these things and all I can say is Fox must not test there boots like others. I thru them out after the next weekend! I thought it was me and that I needed to learn to adjust to them. These boots make you feel like your nerves in your brake foot have been severed! I was either locked up or not braking and I found myself draggin rear brake with them all the time! I feel for your evaluation! Fox Forma Pro is garbage! Got a new pair of Sidi SRS Force the weekend after. :cry::cry::cry:

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