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quick question for the XRR/XRL guru's out there. which is the service manual of choice in honda land? my XR650L owners manual recommends the HELM Service Manual. i've seen some other service manuals from other publishers on the web. which manual do you all prefer?

Get the factory service manual. I got a Clymer with my bike and it's a POS. Even has wrong specs for the valve clearance.

Costs a little more but worth it

My .02

The Helm is the factory service manual....that's the one you want. :cry:

Yea what these guys said just get the factory manual the only thing is I think its a little expensive. Back when we had our quads we got the service manual from yamaha and it was around $50.00.

Factory service manual. :cry:

Dude, I downloaded the European version from the 'Pig Pen' website. I believe that for all intents and purposes it is identical. :cry: I printed it out, put the pages in protective sleeves and placed them in a three ring binder. Two binders to be exact. So now I can reference the manual with grubby, oily hands without messing up the pages.... of course it is about 4 times larger, is in two volumes. I also have other information that I have downloaded even some informative 'thread' answers that I have placed in these binders. So its all together. :cry: my own little referenc library per say....

anyhoot. ride on..... :cry:

The Helm is the factory service manual....that's the one you want. :cry:

thanks for the advice. glad too hear that because i already purchased the Helm XR650L Service Manual. the only problem is that in looking through this it keeps referring to the Honda "Common Service Manual" for detailed instructions. roughly 75% of the maintenance items say to see the Common Service Manual for instructions. wow!

do i need to invest in the Common Manual as well? or am i going to find that i am just going to be referred to a 3rd manual????? does anyone find that the bike manual is enough and that the common manual is useless? any thoughts??

i certainly don't mind spending the money if this will complete the knowledge base and allow me to service my bike, i just don't want to drop another $50 and find that it just collects dust............

Somebody posted a link to the Common Service Manual - a mediocre scanned version in PDF - I think it was here on TT to be honest - maybe 6 mo or more ago (could have been XR4/2 forum) . Anyway I had a quick browse over it and the "detailed instructions" were more aimed at people who had no (or little) mechanical background. It had sections trying to explain how trannys worked, how carbs worked, how electrical worked, etc. without being model specific. It was OK to thumb thru, but I wouldn't rank it as a necessity if you've been working on bikes before and know your way around.

Get the Honda Factory Service Manual, that's the one you need.

There is a guy selling Honda Factory copies on ebay. I bought one for $40 shipped and it is complete with hundreds of pictures ...and fairly clear pictures for a copy. He binds it too. Good quality....if you don't mind a lil' copyright infringement. LOL.

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