Tips on removing DOD stickers

Does anyone know an easy way to remove Dept. of Defense stickers from the forks? These things break into flea sized pieces when you scrape them off and might take me until Christmas to finish. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Try a citrus based solvent (ie.. Big Orange) We use it to remove all sorts of glues etc...

We call it agent orange

Or try a hair dryer to heat it up

Get some methyl ethyl ketone. Soak a rag with it and see if the stickers start coming off. Just keep it off anything that isnt metal or glass! Brake cleaner or acetone might work.

Hairdryer. Get it good and hot and voila!

I'll second the hair dryer.

Thanks TTers...Hair dryer did it. I thought these stickers were too much for it, but they weren't. Of course the acetone did the job with the final cleanup...Muchas gracias. :cry:

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