426F blown gasket.

While riding my 2001 426 today one of the half-moon shaped sections of the cylinder head cover gasket blew out. Oil sprayed out. Can I simply push that piece back in? Or do I have to take the head cover off and replace the gasket?

You should be able to take the whole cover off maby put some RTV silicone around where it came off and bolt the cover back on. You shouldnt need a new gasket unless yours is torn.

Thanks for the info. Hopefully I'll be able to fix it.

Thank-you again.

Just as a precaution , check the breather hose that comes out of the head and down the left side of the frame rail. Make sure it's not clogged up with mud or something. If it clogs up it can cause the pressure to blow the seal you are referring to out.

Well, I got it all put back together. The breather hose did have a kink in it. I got that all straightened out. I rode around in the alley and got it warmed up good, no sign of leaks! I just have to top off the oil and I can go ride again.

Thanks again for the advice, guys.

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