Stock Exhaust Wanted

A good friend bought a nice "like new" '98 WR. Has a Big Gun exhaust system. It is too loud for dual sporting; makes good power tough! He has the racing core and the "quiet core" (it's still too loud). He wants to buy a stock system. Contact him at or 1-800-852-9439 (work #) ask for Tim North.

Thanks everybody.

I have a stock setup off a 1999 YZ that he may be of interest. I have a Big Gun system as well. Tell him to check the packing before he gives up on it. Mine was blown compltely out by the time I got around to servicing it.


ps my old fershy handle seems to not work hence freshy.

[This message has been edited by freshy (edited 07-19-2001).]

I was just getting ready to buy a Big Gun for my 99WR, I have the stock system in mint condition if he is into trading....E-mail me .

Bonzai..... :)

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