Finaly Got It!!!!!

I was the one that had the post about the shop that was taking way too long for simple stuff before the upgrade to TT. It was 6 weeks yesterday that they had it. All that they did was change the oil, replace the petcock and clean out all of the old gas and clean the carb. The guy that I bougt it from only put about 15 hours on it and let it sit the rest of the 6 years (98 400F). I just got it home and went for a short ride. The only thing that I can say is "HOLY CRAP THAT THING FLYS" I love it soo far. I also have a 2002 XR650L and I only wish that thing had the ball that this 400 does. I gues that I am not telling you guys anything new. I cant wait to take it out tomarrow.

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