Anyone remove their ODO?

I am in need of the ODO drive (at the front wheel) for my '02 WR426. Seems I wore the last one out.

Does anybody have a takeoff in the garage they could part with? I haven't even called the dealership yet, cause I am afraid to ask what they want for four ounces of plastic. :cry:

post a pic of what your lookin for... im workin on doin the WZ thing to my bike so will be shedding it soon... bear in mind if you need it soon prolly wont happen w/ me... my bike is 5 hours away from me at the moment... i wont see it until new years weekend.

I've got an 03 WR450. I wanted to get a speedo drive eliminator. I'll sell you my speedo drive for 1/2 the cost of the eliminator if you want it.


Lemme know how much, and we can talk.

Just took it off the bike this weekend, 02 WR426. You need the the little hub/drive, the cable, or the meter? It's your's for the cost of shipping to ya.


I just need the hub drive (I believe), everything else seems to be in ok shape.

I knew someone out there had one! :cry:

PM your address and I'll send it to ya tomorrow. I'll probably use UPS ground, I can't imagine it costing too much. If it's less than $10 bucks it's free, if more just send me a check for the shipping. I'll let you know when I get the address.



Thats a hella good deal best around way to go only on TT can you find a good deal like that.Thats why I like it here.Cool deal

It's on it's way. Check your pm's for the tracking number. Hope it works for ya.


Chris, You da man. Thanks again for helping out, I really appreciate it. I'll let you know when it gets here, and when it starts clicking off the miles for me! :cry:

TT rocks! :cry:

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