Purchase Advice for New Bike

Hello all! I first want to thank and congratulate you all on this wonderful forum. From what I've seen and read, everyone truly helps each other out as much as possible, and with some great stories to boot!

After being out of riding (I used to ride on homebrew MX tracks, trails, and sand on a RM125) for a while, I finally ran out of reasons not to get back out there riding again. I'm currently in Chino Hills, CA (East of LA, near San Bernardino), and watching friends and co-workers ride is getting to me but good.

My friends are all true-blue Yamaha fanatics (you should see the trucks and toy haulers...looks like it rained and flooded Yamahas), and keep pushing me towards the 05 YZ450F. I've ridden my buddy's 450 some, and while the thing has more power than anything I've ever touched before, it seems manageable for what I'm looking to do (I keep off the throttle most of the time) if I don't get stupid with throttle control. I'd like to ride dunes and dry riverbeds, which is what I used to love doing the most (Pismo/Oceano, and now maybe Dumont and Glamis). Make no mistake, I am 100% beginner, and I won't claim otherwise. I do remember, however, that sand eats up power.

I was first leaning towards the CRF450, but after hearing about their (maybe erroneous) valve/maintenance issues, I was very turned off. I've never heard of any of my friends' YZs having problems like that. I do not wish to be tearing down the top end every other ride. I was also looking YZ250F, and was told that it wouldn't do as well for me in the sand.

At 5'11'' and 185lbs (does Thanksgiving add a notch to the belt, or what?), I'm not exactly a large rider, but not a small one, either.

If anyone has any personal experience which may help me keep from a bad decision, I would be very grateful. Until then, thank you very much, and I hope to see some of you out riding SoCal soon!

I would suggest that you spend as much time on your buddys 450 as possible (i'm sure he won't mind too much, as he'll be gaining a new riding partner soon.....), then when you're up to speed, buy one for yourself. :cry: For the type of riding you're talking about, I think the 450 would be most suitable. Unless.....and I probably shouldn't suggest this on THUMPERTALK, you get yourself a CR500. :cry: An open class 2 stroke would rip up the dunes at least as good as a 4 stroke 450, or better..... :lol::D Whatever you choose, take it easy at first, and welcome back to riding :cry::lol::cry::cry:

Thanks for the reply Chris. Only problem with riding the 450F, is that he's 300mi north of me (in Fresno area), and I'm mostly down in LA for work. So, I'll probably be riding with him less than others. I will be back up there around Christmas...I was hoping to have my own throttle to pull back by then.

Go with the 05 yz450. If you ride in the sand you need all the power you can get. Better to much power than not enough. :cry:

"Better to much power than not enough."

I would agree with you, especially for sand, but you all have much more experience with the 450F, so I defer to that.

Thanks again for your help!

you act like the 450 will put you on your back if you touch the throttle. for 05 yamaha toned it down a bit and its actually quite nice to ride and very easy to get used to. within a week or so you will be flyin on the thing. i had a yz400f when i was 12 yrs. old and i got by, so I think you should be able to handle it. I got my 05 like a month ago and have had no problems, IF YOU DO BUY ONE, GET RID OF THE STOCK CHAIN BEFORE YOU EVER RIDE IT, GO WITH LIKE A REGINA ORN X-RING DEAL, I ATE UP MY SPROCKETS IN 2 WEEKS WITH THE STOCK EQUIPMENT. so dont worry bout the power, you have plenty of open space and sand is forgiving even if you do go over. I would say 100% buy one as soon as you have to money, you definately wont regret it. I also went with a 50 on the rear for a little for mid pull. Buy one now. Yamaha for life! :cry:

I'd been away from riding about 20 years until last spring. I bought an 01, yz426f.

It has more power than anything I'd been on or owned before, but the power was one of the main reasons I wanted the bike. The power is controlable. I ride on Vancouver Island, logging roads and trails. At first I had problems starting the thing and fowling plugs but I've figured those things out now. Trail riding was a bit of a problem with stalling quite a bit on tight trails, but I've put a Rekluse clutch on it and that problem has been solved. So now I feel quite comfortable on the bike and don't feel it is too much for any of the riding I do. I don't think you would be disappointed at all if you decide on the YZ450F.

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