concern for lost part and engine damage

So yesterday on a little ride through Hollister hills near the and of the day my friend happened to be looking at the left side of my bike and noticed a missing piece, I'm going to show the dealer for sure just to cover my ass if something does happen but would like your guys opinion. The bike is a 05 WR450 and in the picture below the part that is missing is #4 and #5 and I don't know if there's oil in that section but I lost none and air blows out of it when running, any opinions are appreciated?

Edit: I didn't know you couldn't post pictures here so I'll explain it's location, it's the screw plug and o-ring to the right of the oil plug and directly up from the large screw plug in the middle of the crankcase cover.

From your description, you lost the TDC inspection hole bung. Looking through the hole you would see the flywheel.

As the engine runs a dry sump system there is virtually no oil there, just whatever oil drains back through the cam chain tunnel from the head. Oil loss would have been minimal if at all noticeable. I would advise changing the oil and checking the filter (and frame strainer to be on the safe side) ASAP just incase any forign material found it's way in there. The chance of any engine damage occouring from this is very very small. The air you can feel coming out of the hole is normal. When you plug the hole again, you will feel the same air coming out of the breather tube.

Thanks for the quick response, I appreciate it. That is exactly what it was now that you explained it it makes sence.

The air coming from the hole is crankcase air. Some of this air pressure is used for oil scavenging and it is important for proper engine oiling. Running the bike without the plug for prolonged periods could cause improper oil lubrication and failure.


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