New to WR450

Lots of guys here will badmouth me but I don't care,it's the truth.My '03 wr 450 was very disappointing:very heavy pig,lousy jetting,hard to work on,unreliable(had to push it very far,woodruff key failure),couldn't trust it after that.And Yamaha would not step up to the plate to make things right for so many of us. So...

I traded it in on a '05 KTM 300 and I am so much happier! It performs so much better.Starts 1st or 2nd kick every time even if I dump it.Runs great(so no need to call James Dean),easy to work on,way lighter,turns so good I was amazed!,plenty of power and torque!,made for a tall guy,came with lots of the good stuff already on it.

Yes,the wr suspension,brakes,top speed are quite good.But not good enough to keep me from buying a KTM and never buying another Yamaha.

If you try a KTM you will like it!

5000km between valve adjustments? i'm getting my CHECKED every 300km! what should i be getting them checked at?!?!? :cry::cry::cry::cry:

i have ridden alot of xr's and nothing can match my wr450 '04. my yoshi exhaust is being fitted as i speak. can't wait to see the difference :cry:

WJC: From what I have observed in the last 10 years, the KTM300 twostroke is the best all around bike KTM makes. Too bad you can't get a green sticker for it in Calif. Only complaits I have ever heard is vibration and fuel range. Reliable motor, great engine and suspension performance. A friend of mine is selling his 2001 EXC300 and bought a new 2004 400EXC because he wanted more fuel range and got tired of messing with premix. The EXC300 never gave him any problems. Inspite of the problems my friends have had with their KTM's, they keep buying them and are loyal to the brand. I recently rode a 2004 KTM 250EXC and loved the way it handled and the powerband. I just like my '05 WR450 better. This KTM 250EXC I rode is my friends daughters bike and it did throw her over the handle bars a few months back when the front brake locked up for no apparent reason.

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