clutch covers getting beat up looking!!

Does anybody know of someone that makes HARD ANODIZED covers?We have two 450's and they both look bad,I have a SFB and they look great but down the road the same thing happeneds!They will redo them for 10.00 but when the metal wears away it just doesnt look as good!I had a crf a few years back and was able to get a HARD ANODIZED one and it fit the bill nicely but so far i cant seem to find one for the yz's any ideas? :cry:

Take them off, sandblast them and reinstall.

UMMM,dont think so but thanks! :cry:

hes got the idea. take it off and beadblast it. very fine grit beads tho. i beadblast mine and take them to the polishing wheel. the magnesium will shine to look like chrome

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